Vinyl flooring

Vinyl Installations in Alicante. There are many possibilities to design a vinyl flooring. There are hundred of colours in tiles, planks and rolls that can be combined to personalize a space. Vinyl flooring is installed primarily in schools, business premises, health centers and hospitals.This type of flooring is also highly resistant to abrasion and wear in general. There are chemical-resistant models with smooth and anti-slippery finishings.

The basic raw material to manufacture vinyl or PVC flooring is petroleum oil. Vinyl flooring comes in rolls, planks or tiles, and it is manufactured of vinyl polychloride. Vinyl polychloride is the product of the monomer polymerization of vinyl chloride. It is the most versatile of the plastic based products. It can be produced by four different processes: suspension, emulsion, mass and solution.

Vinyl flooring is a resin expanded with fillings, dyes, texture elements, plastic and stabilizers. After adding chlorine and applying various chemical treatments this mixture is converted into a mass known as polyvinylchlorid. This product is non-toxic and odourless. Color dyes, chalk, stabilizers and additives are added. Many manufacturers are now using recycled raw materials.

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