Carpet installation in Alicante. . There are different carpet types. They are manufactured with synthetic fibers, like polyamide, or natural fibers, like wool. One of the great advantages of carpets is transmitting security to the footstep. To slip is almost impossible in textile flooring. Furthermore, it is a perfect acoustic insulation that provides a quiet and relaxed environment. In the hectic age we live in, we are increasingly installing more carpets in offices and commercial spaces to accomplish this relaxed environment.

To select a carpet you have to consider the area were it will be used. Not all carpets are equally resistant to wear. For example, using very light colours for the entrance would be inadequate. We will gladly help you to choose the perfect carpet taking into account its characteristics and the design of the space.

To enjoy a carpet for a long time, please take into account that a correct carpet installation implies that the carpets are fitted correctly.

We will inform you about the correct way to install your carpet and we will assist you to choose the right features and design.

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