Linoleum Installation in Alicante. Linoleum flooring is manufactured in different thicknesses and colours. It has been used for over 100 years, but it has been improved with the passing of time

There is a wide range of qualities, textures and colours. The basic products for linoleum manufacturing are linseed oil, resins, sawdust, cork dust, whitewash and dyes applied over a jute backing. Looking at the linoleum component materials, we can say it is both a natural and biodegradable product.

Additionally, linoleum can be keep clean without special treatments. Thanks to its high resistance it endures impacts and scratches, which makes it ideal for very transited areas. It is waterproof . Its thickness is varied, usually between 2 and 4 millimitres. It's installation can be in tiles or rolls two-metre wide, normally glued to the base / underlay.

The advantages of linoleum are its high resistance, the feeling of comfort when walking and that by its very nature it is antistatic. For this reason you will never receive an electric shock when touching the door handle. Also it is the same colour throughout its layers, which means that if it suffered a scratch, it would be unnoticeable as the colour beneath would be the same.

With this information you may be starting to have clear that linoleum is a material to have in mind for your new flooring.

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