Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring installation in Alicante. Rubber is an ideal material to turn into flooring. There are different rubber flooring presentations like tiles and rolls. Because the product remains persistently flexible, it has earned a reputation of being super resistant. This flooring is highly resistant to wear, it has a perfect acoustic insulation, it is non-slippery, antistatic and resistant to chemical products. It is a heavy-duty material.

Rubber flooring installation for industrial and sport facilities.

Surely everyone has seen the famous button rubber floor. It is used in building entrances especially in ramps because it is slip resistant, even when wet. But there are many design possibilities with a rubber flooring.

There are a lot of varieties, both in texture and color, now being produced.

There are numerous patterns and colors that can be combined to design special spaces. Areas where rubber is the ideal flooring option include hospitals, dental clinics, public buildings and many more.

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